Rate Chart for used items.

Rate Chart for used items( AS IS) Condition Shown applies in all pictures because each Item is sold individually  with its( own reference number) shown on item.LP, CD,DVD, CHART= Fair( F) (opened some scratches both sides and wear but playable no skipping)—————— Fair +( F+) (opened some scratches both sides but less wear no skipping)—————————————— Good (G)(opened less than two scratches per side playable less wear no skipping)————————- Good +(G+)(opened one scratch on one side or both light wear playable no skipping)————————— Very Good( VG)(opened light wear no scratches playable no skipping)———————————————— Very Good +(VG+)(opened Little or no wear no scratches playable no skipping)————————————- Mint-(M-) (opened No scratches no wear visible playable looks new)—————————————————— Mint( M) ( unopened factory Sealed package new condition)——————————————————— VHS, Cassette Rate Chart= Good condition G (opened No distortion in picture, no damaged tape,or case, some may have white dots on screen due to age and film)———————————————————————————Mint (M)( unopened factory package intact new condition)